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I’m a regular guy trying to make money on the internet, like you. I have met with lots of challenges, and I think to share those mistakes and experiences online are the least I can do so that my knowledge will benefit my audience in a way. My goal is simple. Hopefully, I ‘ve earned a bit of success online.

Here how my story start.

My name is David Yap, and I’m a mortgage consultant. I provide mortgage consultation to customers
. In the year 2007, I worked in a bank as a mortgage consultant. I sell home loan packages to a client. Most times, I was required to attend developer launches and working with some Property Agents to get my business. I worked with the bank for one year and decided to move on as I felt I’ve learned everything I need.

The year 2008, I was doing mortgage consultation business, this time, I partnered up with some other associates, and we try to run mortgage consultation business on our own. It doesn’t last long before everything just went downhill, but at least it lasts for two years.

After two years, in the year 2009, my business entirely not progressing. I do not have any customer anymore. And I was just got married that year; debts were piling up, and we’re totally freaked out. But, something happened that year.

We’re (my wife and I) thinking, how to grow our business online?

We turned to Google, and for days we’re looking for answers. During our search, we came across many online business marketers, online entrepreneur, Affiliates Guru and even some “FAKE” online Guru. But, nothing near to our answer.

During those searches, we listened and went through hundreds of websites. We also did some research on Clickbank, JVzoo, Warrior forum, etc. Everyone was trying to sell us something. We ended up spent most of our saving bought a lot of useless product online, plugin or e-books, but there were some quite good too, we learned something. Conclusion, we spend a lot of money and still do not get the answer we want.

Going through lots of research, I understand that Affiliate Marketing is not about just making money, it has more things that we need to concern. Like How to do a website, traffic, email listing, SEO … etc . If you want to venture in Affiliate Marketing, compiling customer listing is the way to go.

There are tons of products in the market, some are good and some are not. I’ll do my best to write a review on the JV Zoo and other affiliate marketing products.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and if you ever want to get in touch with me please feel free to contact me.

See you around!