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How To Rank On Google? 5 Ways To Rank Your Website

Hey, if you just started out in IM industry, ranking your website is an important task to achieve. I started my online business back in 2010 when I was offering my financial consultation business online. At that time, bringing my business online is the best decision I ever make.

However, things are tough at the beginning because for a new website to rank in Google seem like impossible.

So, I work hard to find IM products to rank my site faster; I bought hundred of tools and marketing products. And I’d said some works and some not as good as advertised.

One day, I made the biggest decision to buy the most expensive IM product, it cost about USD1997 (MYR 5k-6k at that time). Is a lifetime license and yeah, it worked for 2-3 years.

We ranked well, and for that 2-3 years, we do rank on the first page for some keywords. I guess we make a good profit at that time.

However, Google becomes smarter. They persistently change their algorithm, and it affected all the websites. I got hit hard, and business was slowing down.

After got the hit, I have to re-build my website from scratch again. This time I work organically, build my community slowly. Not using any fancy “automated” machine to boost the ranking.

After a few months, my website started to rank again. Some of the keywords are strong and on the first two pages. My visitor increases from less than 30 people per day to 400-500 people a day and still growing as I’m writing this. That considerable ideal for my consultation business.

So, I decided to share my experience here and maybe it can help for people who just started the business.

Before starting out an online business, find your niche market. It can be anything like, e.g., online financial services, food blog, affiliate marketing, etc… Once you know your niche market, then your website should stick with that niche. Any articles or sharing have to be about the niche.

And then, look for the niche keywords and stick with it. When you write an article, make sure you use the niche keywords in your title, content, article links, picture’s name and tags.

If you own a website, it’s important to write an original article with pure value every week, it faster if you write every day. I write and post almost five days a week. It helps to show your website is frequently updated with new content. And you must understand Google loves new information.

Video marketing is not the future, is now. If you’re not doing video marketing, you should start now. Learn to make a basic video and post on Youtube. Put the Youtube link video back to your website. Google owns Youtube, so video on youtube will have a higher authority to rank.

Choose a theme that mobile-friendly, not only it looks good on a desktop; it should look good on mobile too. Google’s official stance on mobile is to create a responsive site. It’s likely that responsive sites get an edge in searches from a mobile device.In facts, Google adds “mobile friendly” tags to sites that display well on mobile devices.

When our business hurts, we have to look for other option. We choose to look at social media platform. While, there are many social platforms and choose the one that works for you. We mainly focus on Facebook and Youtube. Because, if you have too many social platforms, you might have more responsibility to respond. It will look bad if you don’t reply to your audience.

Social media platform is the best tools to shares and creates engagement with your audience. People love to give feedback, respond and react to anything. It’s just human nature. So, putting yourself out there make such a big different especially when they know who you are and your nature of business. And it is always best if you can show your face either on your website or social platform, people trust more when you have a face on the business.

To be totally honest, there are almost 200 ranking factors in Google algorithm and let’s get real; it ‘s hard to reach Google standard. I guess, you just need to find the ranking factors that work for you.

Good Luck!

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