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WP Video Profits Review

WP Video Profits Review and Demo 

Have You Been Using Videos on Your Website in the WRONG WAY?

Now Add The Power of VIDEO ACTIONS to All Your Videos & Get Unlimited Leads, Sales & Commissions on 100% Autopilot

(without ever having to create your own videos)

The Main Idea Behind WP Video Profits

If you use video on your website or blog then chances are you have been doing it all wrong! But you are not alone – 99% of bloggers, marketers & website owners have been using video the wrong way all these years.

The problem – just sticking a video in a blog post does not do anything for you: 

[x] It does NOT get you more leads.[x] It does NOT get you more sales.[x] And it most certainly does NOT get you more affiliate commissions automatically.

People will just visit your website, see the video and move on.


You can change all that. 

So What is WP Video Profits? 

WP Video Profits is a New WordPress plugin that created by Ankur Shukla. It allows you add Unlimited Call to Actions, Optin Forms and any kind of HTML elements on TOP of your videos forcing visitors to take action and convert them into leads, sales and commissions for you.

Now, you can turn your website or blog into a profit machine using your own videos or even OTHER PEOPLES videos and you can profit from them.

WP Video Profits works very simple with 3 steps:

Step1 – Add a Video from Youtube into WP Video Profits added to your site.
Step2 – Select a Video Action for your video & save your settings to get your video code.
Step3 – Add the Super Charged Video to your site & start getting more leads, sales & commissions.

WP Video Profits has awesome features below

Add The Social Share Actions to Videos & Get More Traffic. Social Shares will drive a lot of traffic back to your site. Floating call to actions like these will make viewers take action  immediately. Get traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Grow Your FB Fans, Likes & Twitter Followers easily 

You can pause or even lock videos until viewer takes action. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ followers will grow like crazy when you add this to your video site.

Add Unlimited Banner Ads Inside Videos

Run Affiliate Offers, CPA offers or any kind of promos you want.

Click to Tweet Banners

The 1-Click Tweets from within Videos will increase your followers & traffic

Show & Hide Content + Links Under the Videos at the Right Time.

This is Perfect for Webinar Replays, Sales Videos & marketing videos

Add Unlimited Floating Annotations – Clickable Boxes + Call to Actions

These are fully clickable boxes that can turn visitors into buyers at any point in the video


So what do I think of WP Video Profits ? What I do believe is that it is a well made tool that solves an actual problem a lot of people have, even if they don’t know it. The problem is that while people want their content in video format that also means that people who visit your site will often only pay attention to the video itself and largely ignore the other things. The things that you actually want them to notice, like your call to actions, your social buttons, your optin forms. Because of this combining the things you want people to notice, with the content that commands so much attention (the video) just makes sense.


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